How to conduct a baseline survey


The goal to conduct a baseline survey is to know the situation of the people and place now.


Before start asking questions

1.       What do you want to know?

Before you can write a question, you need to know what you want to learn from your survey.

2.       What you already know?

Think those things you have learn before, if you already tried to conduct a survey before.

3.    Whose opinion matters?
You’ll need to decide before you start whose opinion you are seeking.

4.    Where will you find them?
         If your target respondents have email addresses, you may want to choose an email survey as this is a cost effective way to reach them. If you don’t have email addresses, you need to meet them and interview. It is depending on the method you use.

5.       What topics will you cover?

             The title of your survey is important, try to look an interesting topic to cover.

And now, you ready to write questions

6.       Keep it short.

             Above all, your questionnaire should be as short as possible. Draw a mental line between what you “must know” and what would be “interesting to know.”

7.       Keep it simple.

          Plain language is a must. If your questions read like they are meant to impress, they will not bring the right answers as respondents simply won’t interpret them correctly.

8.       Spell it out.

              Don’t assume that everyone knows or understands your industry or your company. Titles, abbreviations and product names are often sources of misunderstanding.

9.       Start with easy questions.

           Start the survey with questions that are likely to be easy to answer to get the respondent involved. Yes/No questions or simple multiple choice questions are ideal to get started with.

10.    Don’t double-up.
             A common error in survey design is to create a complex question that has more than one possible answer.

11.  General before specific.
       The issues raised in one question can influence how people think about the next question. That’s why it’s a good idea to ask general questions first and move on to more specific questions later. For example, ask general questions about their shopping preferences, before asking about what hours they prefer to shop in your store.

12.   Test-drive your survey.
            Before you send the survey to real respondents; ask a sample group of respondents to take the survey. After they’ve completed it, ask them if they had problems understanding any questions or had answers that were not available on the list of choices. It’s much easier to change the questionnaire before you send it than after.         


Joanne Simonis, How to write a good survey,


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  1. Ester K. says:

    This was great help. Short and on point. Like it!

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